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Translation Services

If you choose me as your translator for Hungarian, German, French and English, you will get the very best services on the market. That’s a guarantee. I’ve been in business for more than a decade, and I’ve been specialized in translation services for 15+ years.

I can provide flexible, fast services at competitive prices – and I never compromise on quality. You can trust me to deliver my services in a timely fashion, and to always adhere to any project timeframes and deadlines that you give me. My years of experience in translation have helped me become an expert at estimating project turnaround and expected deadlines, and I won’t let you down.


My Workflow And Output

At my office, I use the latest PC and Mac computers, as well as the latest Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools on the market, and I keep complete backups of all of my work, updated daily. I also protect my machines with the latest antivirus and firewall technology.

I use a number of different CAT tools in my work, depending on the project. This includes SDL TRADOS 2017, MemoQ 2015, Transit NXT, Across, WordFast Pro, and others – and I can always use your preferred file type for my work.

I am an expert at the use of computers, and am familiar with all translation industry-standard file formats. From .docx files, to internal translation tool documents, and DTPs from Quark, InDesign of Page/FrameMaker, to picture formats like .RAW, .PSD and more.

Using these tools, I can typically reach an output capacity of 5,000 words per day, though this number is somewhat flexible. For larger projects, I can also partner with a long-term translation colleague, and reach volumes of up to 10,000 words per day, with absolutely no reduction or compromise in project quality.

Flexible Deadlines And Guaranteed Deliveries

I believe in the power of constant communication, and keeping my clients in the loop about the status of their translation project. I strive to always keep my clients informed about the status of each of the projects that they have assigned to me, and issue regular status updates to ensure that progress is matching their expected pace.

You can always follow up on my progress throughout the entire workflow – guaranteeing that I live up to your expectations. As a freelance Hungarian translator, I am also always available during off-hours and on the weekends, and I will do my best to respond to your queries within moments.


Competitive Prices With Quality Guaranteed

With my flexible services and availability on weekend and off business hours, you get the best Hungarian translation services around – with high quality guaranteed. I use QA software such as XBench and QA Distiller to ensure you get a perfect translation every time!

My prices are also very competitive, whether you need French,  English, German, or Hungarian translation – or a mix of the four. Take a look at my pricing page to learn more about my rates, and see how much your project will cost.

You can also contact me directly for a quote – I would love to speak to you, and discuss why you should choose me over other Hungarian translators.


Automotive Translation Services

I have been translating documents in the automotive industry for more than 15 years, and you can trust me to create informative, properly laid-out documents that adhere to all well-known best practices and guidelines.

Over the years, I have built up my own database of automotive terms and translations, which adheres to industry best practices for technical translation. Using these Computer-Assisted Translation tools, I can quickly identify matches in your translation, and ensure that they are totally accurate.

Whether you are developing marketing materials for an international line of vehicles, require documentation translation and translation of driver’s manuals, or even need the translation of an entire website, I’m here to help. My automotive translation services include:

•    Website translation and localization
•    Technical information translation
•    Driver’s manual translation
•    Translation of repair guides and support materials
•    Marketing and sales collateral (displays, pamphlets, factsheets, sales guides etc)
•    Employee handbooks and manuals
•    Compliance and regulatory applications
•    Marketing guides
•    Online FAQs and help databases

Whether you need one of these services, or any other automotive translation service in French, English, German or Hungarian, I can help. Contact me right away to learn more.


Technical Translation Services

Technical translation is one of my areas of expertise. Over the years, I have translated countless manuals, instructional videos, documentation databases, and other specialized documents into English, French, German, and Hungarian. I pride myself on easily being able to translate complex technical terms into their appropriate language, with no loss of clarity or accuracy.

I understand that a technical manual or other technical translation cannot ever compromise on quality. It must be easy to read and understand, simple, and accurate – because any mistakes could lead to a disaster.

No matter how complex or technically-challenging your document is, I’m up for the task.No project is too big or too small! With my availability during off-hours and weekends, and my high capacity workflow, I can take on any task.

Here are just a few examples of the documents I can translate for you.

•    Engineering papers
•    Technical documents
•    Maintenance/repair manuals
•    Instruction manuals
•    Process/procedure documents
•    FAQ/help databases
•    Policy documents
•    User assistance and reference materials
•    Patents/patent applications
•    Software (see software localization for more)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you need me to translate and create a new technical manual using Desktop Publishing (DTP) software, or just need a few paragraphs translated before an important scientific presentation, I can handle it all with my professional technical translation services.


Finance & Marketing Translation Services

If you are a multinational company working in France, Hungary, Germany, or in English-speaking countries, chances are that you regularly require finance and marketing translation services.

Whether you have to release year-end financial report to stakeholders or a board of directors, compile a translated prospectus, or even just create multilingual marketing materials to promote your company, I can help.

I focus on clarity and transparency when providing translation services for the financial industry. While some translators have difficulty translating numbers and technical terms into meaningful, accurate translations, that’s my specialty! With my powerful CAT tools and knowledge of the financial markets, I’m always ready to help with professional translation services.

I am also an expert translator of marketing materials. I know that it can be difficult to get your message across through multiple languages. But I understand how to write and translate effective ad copy in four languages.

I don’t just translate your marketing materials into a new language – I improve them by making them sell more effectively, and ensuring that they appeal to local expectations and cultural sensitivities.

I can translate almost any document in the world of both finance and marketing. Here are just a few examples:

•    Internet banner ads
•    Signs and displays
•    Banking software and websites
•    Market reports and projections
•    Newsletters and outgoing client communications
•    Marketing websites
•    Financial reports and prospectuses
•    Business proposals
•    Factsheets, sales aids, brochures and pamphlets

You can always trust me to provide you with an accurate and clear translation – whether you need a simple pamphlet translated, or require the translation of a complex, 100-page business prospectus.


Medical Translation Services

The world of medical translation can be very difficult. You must choose a translator who is familiar with both your target and source language, and is also an expert at translating documents in your field – otherwise you may end up with sub-par and inaccurate results.

You can’t accept anything less than the best in the field of medicine – especially if you need translation services for a new medical device, pharmaceutical drug, or any other highly-sensitive project. A single error can result in a patent rejection, or failure to adhere to local regulatory guidelines.

I have been a trusted partner of medical professionals who speak French, German, Hungarian, and English for more than a decade. I use only the most advanced CAT technology to ensure perfect clarity and accuracy of my translations, and make sure that all relevant medical terms are translated perfectly.

I can translate almost any document in French, German, Hungarian, or English. Here are just a few of my areas of expertise:

•    Research papers
•    Poster presentations
•    Sales collateral for pharmaceuticals
•    Regulatory applications and documentation
•    Patent applications
•    Medical software
•    Website localization
•    Clinical trials

I understand that even a single mistake or error can be the difference between a successful project, and failure – or even the life or death of a patient. That’s why I provide painstaking, 100% accurate medical translation services. And with my availability on weekends and off-hours, I’m always here if you have questions about your translation, or require corrections.

If you have any questions about my medical translation expertise, please feel free to contact me right away. And if you’re ready to get started on your next project today, take a look at my rates and FAQs, and learn more about what I do!

contact me

Address: H-1021 Budapest, Völgy 14
Proz: www.proz.com/profile/2085013
Email: info@wordsbyme.hu
Phone: +36/70-336-9345