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Quality Assurance

I have been working as a Hungarian freelance translator for French, English, and German for over 10 years, and I have more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Over the years, I have developed a specialized workflow that allows me to output 5000 word per day – but does not sacrifice quality or readability.

In my work, I emphasize attention to detail, and accuracy. I spend much of my time performing research, and attempting to understand both the needs of my client, and analyzing the text that is to be translated. Learn more about my quality guarantee below.


My Translation Process – Top Quality, Guaranteed!

I guarantee quality by always using a standardized, modern translation workflow that utilizes advanced CAT (Computer-assisted translation) technology, and QA tools such as Xbench. Learn more now.

•    Text analysis and requirements – Before I begin translation, I take the time to analyze your text. Based on your requirements and outlined needs, I will create a project outline detailing each step of the translation process. I will also create a project timeline, which I will provide to you, to help you understand the progress I am making on your project.
•    Glossary/termbase creation – After I analyze your text, I will create a glossary and termbase that I will use to ensure consistent word usage throughout. If you have a preferred termbase or a glossary/style guide for me to use, you may provide it to me, and I will use it throughout the entire translation.
•    Initial translation – Using language skills, years of translation experience, and tools such as SDL TRADOS, I will begin the translation process. Computer assistance allows me to quickly translate the bulk of the material. When this initial translation is complete, I will begin parsing your document word-by-word and sentence-by-sentence, modifying and changing it until it’s absolutely perfect.
•    Software-based QA – Using XBench and QA Distiller, I will analyze my translated document. These tools will allow me to recognize and correct any basic typos, grammatical mistakes, or layout issues that could impact the readability and accuracy of your translation.
•    Proofreading and project delivery – After I have completed the initial QA process, my job is still not over. I will proofread the entire translated text, comparing it line-by-line with your source document. This will help me catch any potential flow issues or other mistakes that could have been overlooked, ensuring an absolutely flawless translation.
•    (Optional) Additional QA from native proofreaders – Typically, I perform my own QA services. However, I can also partner with a native proofreader in your target country for a final QA and proofreading analysis.For example, if you wanted to translate a document from Hungarian into French, I would send my completed translation to a native French speaker living in France – and they would complete a final proofreading to ensure document accuracy. This service costs an additional fee, which may vary depending on your project. Contact me for details.

Need A Hungarian Translator? Contact Me Today, And Get Started!

I offer 100% accurate, timely translations. With flexible service and competitive prices, I’m the best choice for a Hungarian freelance translator! I can translate Hungarian, French, English, and German – making me an ideal choice for multinational companies.

Over my years in the translation industry, I’ve become a specialist at product and software localization, as well as medical, financial/marketing, automotive, and technical translations. From the smallest projects, such as brochures and pamphlets, to the translation of entire software products and website, I can do it all.

I am dedicated to quality and to client satisfaction. That’s why I am always available on weekend and off business hours. You can expect me to adapt to your schedule – not vice versa! I know that time is of the essence when it comes to the translation of your most important documents, so I am happy to serve you by making myself available whenever you need me!

All of my services are available at competitive prices. Take a look at my pricing page to learn more, or contact me directly online – I’m always happy to negotiate, especially for long-term clients or large projects.

contact me

Address: H-1021 Budapest, Völgy 14
Proz: www.proz.com/profile/2085013
Email: info@wordsbyme.hu
Phone: +36/70-336-9345