I do my best to offer my translation services at a reasonable rate for all of my customers. Here is what you need to know about translation pricing at WordsByMe.


My Translation Areas Of Expertise

I offer translation services in the following industries:

•    Automotive translation
Technical translation
Financial and marketing translation
Medical translation

I am also an expert in software and website localization, and serve my clients with:

•    Software localization
Video game localization
Multimedia localization (images, video, animations, etc.)
•    Website localization

Depending on the project requirements, my localization rates may be higher than standard translation rates.

If you need my professional services, read on to learn about pricing, QA and more!


Competitive Prices With Discounts Available For Fuzzy Matches And Repetitions

Starting from EUR 0.04 – into Hungarian

Starting from EUR 0.06 – into English, German or French

I also offer discounts to all of my clients for both “fuzzy matches” and repetitions.

Fuzzy matches are approximate matches for phrases and sentences that are found in your text by my CAT (Computer-assisted translation) software. Every fuzzy match found will be translated at a 50% discount.

Repetitions are phrases or words that are 100% matches identified as repeating throughout the entire document, and are translated at 10% of my rate.

By using advanced CAT software and reducing your price based on the number of repetitions and fuzzies,
I can save you quite a bit of money!


Quality Assurance Services Included With Every Project

As a leading Hungarian translator, I offer QA services with every single project I take on, for no added fee.
I perform quality assurance myself, using tools such as XBench and QA Distiller. Throughout my comprehensive QA process, I can identify any potentially mistranslated terms, and edit the entire document for clarity, accuracy, and readability.

You can trust me to always deliver work that exceeds your expectations.


Dedicated Proofreading Available For An Additional Fee

For an added fee (see the pricing table above for current rates) I can partner with another Hungarian freelance translator and proofreader, so that you can get further QA services, and make sure that your translated document is 100% accurate.


Flexible Service – Available On Weekends And During Off Business Hours

My work is my passion, and I never take days off. My clients are global and international, so I understand the importance of being flexible, and working around their needs.

I will always do my best to respond to queries during the weekend, and during off business hours – ensuring that we always communicate clearly throughout the entire translation process.


All Prices Are Negotiable – Contact Me With Inquiries

My pricing table is quite clear, but I am always willing to negotiate with my clients, especially for larger projects and bulk orders. If you are interested in negotiating a lower price, or discussing your translation needs with me, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I would be happy to talk to you.

I will do my best to contact you ASAP, and we can begin discussing your translation project, and how I can help you achieve your goals.

contact me

Address: H-1021 Budapest, Völgy 14
Phone: +36/70-336-9345