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Software And Website Localization Services

The localization of software is a very labor-intensive process, and it’s much different from traditional translation services. Localization requires a translator to do more than just translate text properly – it requires a deep understanding of local languages, cultural attitudes, and even the translation of dates, currencies, and other elements. Without proper localization of a website or a piece of software, users in your target language may not be able to use it properly – and your sales may suffer for it.

I am a Hungarian freelance translator who specializes in localizing software and websites in German, French, and English. I provide flexible service at competitive prices – and I have been translating software and websites for over a decade.

With hundreds of satisfied clients, you can trust me to deliver expert localization services for your next piece of software, or your website.

Why Choose WordsByMe Translation For Localization?

I am an expert when it comes to software localization. I will work hand-in-hand with your software or web team to deliver accurate, timely results. Whether you need a website to be translated, or you are looking for a localization partner for a new piece of software, I’m here to help.

I can translate every element in a piece of software, and I am deeply familiar with industry-standard file formats and tools, such as Catalyst, SDL Passolo, and LocStudio –  and I can handle almost any other file format, and localize it into Hungarian.

I can translate every piece of text in your product – from menus and tooltips and online FAQs, to user manuals, help menus, resource databases and so much more.

I know that usability is one of your top priorities when localizing a product or a website. You don’t just need accurate translations – you need users in your target language to be able to quickly understand software functionality, and have a streamlined user experience. That’s why I specialize in usability, and always work with your team to ensure an intuitive and simplified user interaction experience.


Quality Assurance Guaranteed

Whether you’re translating a multimedia website, a video game, or a new piece of software, I can guarantee that your localization will be 100% accurate. I have translated software for dozens of companies, and I use top-of-the-line QA tools like Xbench and QA Distiller to ensure top quality.

If desired, I can also contract with a third-party proofreader for an extra fee. This proofreader and QA expert will work closely with me to guarantee the style, readability and accuracy of your documentation.


Competitive Rates, Flexible Workflow

I pride myself on always being available to my clients, and offering flexible service. I am always available on weekend and off business hours. Whether you need to begin a new project quickly, or simply want to discuss your project, I will make myself ready for you.

And by using the latest in CAT (Computer Assisted Technology) I can offer competitive prices on all of my localization projects. See my rates page to learn more about the discounts and savings you can get by partnering with WordsByMe Translation.


Game Localization Services

Translation and localization for video games is a specialized field, and I have years of experience working with both large game studios and smaller, independent developers. I understand the unique challenges of translating video games.

Localizing a video game often has two primary parts. The first is the translation of basic information such as menus, FAQs and tutorials, and other items essential for teaching players how to interact with the game world.

These translations must usually be quite dry and informative, and easy-to-understand – similar to technical documentation. A poor-quality instructional translation can result in players being frustrated with a game, and they may give up altogether.

From menus and the user interface, to basic tutorials and instructions, I can provide excellent translations in English, French, Hungarian and German – ensuring that players understand your game perfectly.

The second part of video game localization is much more artistic and complex – the translation of the story. If your story is not translated properly, the game may be confusing – and its primary message may be lost.

Whether you are looking for script translation so that you can re-record voice lines in a new language, or simply need subtitles that will allow for multilingual play, I can help. I understand how important the characters and story of your game are – and I can bring them to life with smart translations and localized, culturally-relevant writing.

My game localization services include:

•    Voice script translation
•    User interface localization
•    Menu translation
•    FAQ and tutorial translation
•    Marketing materials and instruction manuals
•    Graphical localization
•    Subtitles
•    Website localization and translation

I don’t just translate for video games, either. If you are a board game developer, and are looking for a translation partner who can help you expand your market in the French, German, Hungarian, or English-speaking world, I’m here to help. I can translate game instructions, game boards, and marketing materials to ensure that players from all around the world will be able to enjoy your products.

Contact me today, and learn about the benefits of choosing WordsByMe for video game and board game localization services.


Multimedia Localization Services

When localizing a website or a piece of software, you often must translate much more than plain text. That’s why I also offer multimedia localization services for all of my clients. I can assist with the translation of images, video, and any other piece of media in your software, or on your website.

Whether you have a large number of still images on your website that require translation and modification, or you are using motion graphics, videos, or any other multimedia components, a proper translation is absolutely essential for a smooth localization experience.

I offer the best multimedia localization services in French, English, German, and Hungarian. I don’t just help you translate your content into the proper language – I can provide input that will ensure that it adheres to local cultural sensibilities, and be easily understood by your target audience.

In addition, I can often assist with the modification of video files and multimedia graphics. I can translate and edit graphics and other multimedia components, making it easier for you to localize your products quickly.

My multimedia services include:

•    Voice-over translation services
•    Subtitle translation for videos
•    Localization of marketing materials
•    E-learning/interactive learning software localization
•    Audio/video localization
•    Animation localization and translation

I also specialize in quality assurance, and can use your software or website after translation and localization, to ensure that it is totally usable and intuitive for users in your target language. Whether you need a Hungarian translator, or require translation services in English, French, or German, I’m here to help with flexible service and competitive prices.

Whether you need to localize a simple, customer-facing marketing website, or you’re translating a new piece of business software into multiple languages, I’m here to help. There is no project that is too big or too small for WordsByMe Translations! Please contact me right away to inquire about my rates and availability.


Website Localization Services

Website localization is a long, complex process that requires multiple steps, and a focus on usability and translation accuracy. I have translated hundreds of websites for my past clients – from basic company webpages and marketing landing pages, to complex, fully-online tools and software applications.

I am deeply knowledgeable about the process of web development, which makes me an ideal partner for your next website localization. I can help you with professional translations during every step of the localization process:

•    Website mapping – I can help you map out the entire structure of your website, and identify all of the pages, images, videos, and other text that must be translated into your target language.
•    Localization analysis – Using your provided materials, I can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your localization needs, and list every item that will require translation or modification on your website.
•    Glossary creation – I can use a dictionary that you provide, or create a custom glossary for your translation project to ensure that particular translated terms are used consistently throughout the localization process.
•    Translation – After our groundwork is done, I will begin the translation process of your text, images, and any other multimedia present on your website.
•    QA and testing – I offer QA and testing services – whether you’ve chosen me as your translation partner, or want to test a website localized by a third party, I am always willing to use my advanced QA knowledge to help you!
•    Future updates – You can partner with WordsByMe to get regular translation and localization services. I can translate new text whenever you update or replace existing language, or add more web pages as you continue to expand your website.

I am willing to help you at any point during the development process. And with my availability on the weekend and during off business hours, you can trust me to always work hard for you, and deliver your project with no delays or missed deadlines!

contact me

Address: H-1021 Budapest, Völgy 14
Proz: www.proz.com/profile/2085013
Email: info@wordsbyme.hu
Phone: +36/70-336-9345