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What Is The Best Way To Contact You?

I prefer to communicate mostly by email. I check my emails regularly, usually about every 5 minutes, so you can be sure that I’ll respond to you as quickly as I can. However, you are also welcome to contact me by phone, or send me a message via the post.


How Do I Place My Order?

I only accept orders via email. As soon as your order is confirmed, I’ll start working on the project. I will dispatch your completed translation by the agreed deadline. To ensure that I always deliver my work on time, I only accept translation tasks that I am confident I can accomplish successfully – and that are within my areas of expertise.


I Have An Urgent Text That Requires Translation Over. Are You Available On Weekend And Off Business Hours?

Yes. I pride myself on flexible service, and I work outside of regular working hours, and on the weekend. I will always respond to queries outside of standard working hours.


How Are Translation Fees Calculated?

I offer very competitive prices for translation. I use a word-count based calculation for determining the price of your translation. Typically, I use the source language as the basis for this calculation, utilizing TRADOS software. If you send me a scanned document, the calculations will be based on the resulting word count of the document in your target language.

Different countries use different calculation methods. Hungarian translators, for example, usually use the number of characters in the source language to determine price. But in contrast German translators usually use the number of lines in a document to form the basis of their translation.

I am also open to discussing project-based quotes, rather than per-word quotes, and I reserve the right to quote higher prices for complex projects like software localization.


How Can I Pay?

Currently, I only accept payment in two forms:

•    PayPal – This is my preferred method of payment.
•    Money transfer – Requisite account details will be provided on your invoice.

How Can I Guarantee That The Quality Of Translation Will Meet My Expectations?

The best guarantee I have is the continued success of my business. Over my 15+ year translation career, I have handled hundreds of different clients, all of whom were satisfied with my services.

Not only am a professional translator, I have deep expertise in a variety of different subjects, such as medical translation, automotive translation, financial translation, and much more. I have learned how to handle a large variety of translation tasks related to these fields and many more.

I use knowledge bases and online research methods to fill in any gaps in my knowledge, and I do not hesitate to ask my clients for additional source materials and information if I believe that they are required for an accurate translation.

I also only take on projects that I believe I am qualified for. If I believe you would be better served by another translator, I will not hesitate to make a referral.

Finally, I use QA tools such as Xbench and QA Distiller to ensure impeccable translation quality.


I Have A Large-Scale Order That Requires More Than One Translator. What Are My Options?

I offer two options to my clients.

First, I can partner with one of my esteemed Hungarian translator colleagues, and complete up to 10,000 words per day, which includes proofreading and QA.

Alternatively, I can join a team of translators hand-selected by you, the client. I do prefer the first option, however, as it ensures consistency and uniformity for all translated documents.


My Documents Include Confidential Or Proprietary Information. How Can I Be Sure That They Will Be Safe With You?

First, I am always happy to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and any other legal documentation you may require for confidentiality. Indeed, I sign a confidentiality agreement with each and every one of my clients.

I also have never let a document fall into the hands of a third party in my entire 15+ year career – so that’s a pretty good track record!

Finally, I will never reference you or your company name to other potential clients, unless you have specifically authorized that it is acceptable to do so.


How Can I Be Certain That My Job Will Be Completed On Time?

I pride myself on being organized, and a great planner. I have never yet missed a deadline in the course of my 10 year freelance career, and though my usual capacity is 5,000 words per day, I can always put in additional effort to ensure I meet my set deadlines.

If some unforeseen circumstance – such as an act of God or natural disaster – prevents me from completing my work on time, I will directly inform my clients. However, this has never yet happened to me.


I Need A Language Translated That Is Not Hungarian. Would You Accept This Translation Work?

I am a freelance translator, and I specialize in translating Hungarian to English, French, and German. If you do not need services in one of these four languages, I cannot translate for you.

However, I am in contact with other translators who can translate from other languages into Hungarian, and vice-versa. I may be able to help you find the right translator for your job – so feel free to get in touch and ask!


I Have A Translation Platform That I Developed Myself. Do You Accept Jobs Which Require The Use Of Proprietary Tools, Or Remote Computers?

I have seen more than a dozen different CAT tools in my career, and I use 5 or more of them regularly, in my routine work. I do not mind using my client’s CAT tools, or working on a remote computer.

However, I request that clients consider the speed of remote computers. My internet connection has a minimum speed of 100mbps. No matter how well developed your proprietary translation platform is, I can only carry out remote work efficiently if sufficient bandwidth is available.

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